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“Baker’s Restaurant, well known for its fine Quebec cuisine, is proud to be able to offer its clients a truly special treat – a Bed and Breakfast in a 150 years old home. Each of the five rooms is uniquely decorated with authentic antique furnishing.”

Settling in their new house in 1840, Ferdinand Lefrançois and his wife Mary Ann (Anney) Baker lived in an era of economic properity. The finishing touch and the sumptuous ornements show that the owners did not skimped on details to make their house a comfortable and fashionable place to live.

At the time, the second floor was used as an attic and was lived-in only during the summer months. Almost 135 years later in 1935, Alvin A Baker opened ” The Baker’s Inn ” in this same house which he rented first from the owner, to finally purchase it in 1958.

After Alvin Baker passed away in the early ’60s, his second wife Lucienne Hamel continued to operate the inn. Years went by and in 1972, Henri Simard bought The ” Baker “. In turn in 1975, he sold it to one of his nephew Gaston Cloutier who inhabited the house until 1989. Named ” Chez Baker “, the house at last returned to its former function as an inn, with five rooms opened to the public.


Horaire du Restaurant

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Dimanche :10h30 à 14h et 17h à 21h

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