Table d’hôte menu


Bernard’s kitchen…


Young lettuce sprouts, maple vinaigrette, caramelized pears wrapped in bacon 10$
Migneron cheese in a pastry, maple and cream sauce 12$
Beef tartar wrapped with a house smoked bison, caramelized tomatoes 13$
House maple smoked salmon with a goat cheese espuma 13$
Pan fried escargots in puff pastry, cream sauce 10$
Smoked blood pudding, Calvados flambéed apples sauce 12$
Pan seared foie gras with marinated mushrooms from Château-Richer  + $7 on package      20$


Madame Baker’s traditional yellow pea soup 7$
Inspiration soup 6$

Recess for your palate

Granite of the moment (* + $3 on packages) 6$

Main dishes

Fresh pasta according to the Chef inspiration 29$
Grilled Atlantic salmon, lemon confit, fennel reduction sauce 30$
Goose leg confit, Wellington style with a port wine sauce and cranberries confit + $6 on package 39$
Duck breast oven baked with maple syrup and spices, blueberry sauce 30$
Filet mignon stuffed with homemade smoked blue Ermite cheese, bordelaise sauce + $6 on package  39$
Herb crusted rack of lamb, Migneron cheese sauce 35$
Pan seared scallops, braised pork belly, on a small pea and fresh mint risotto + $6 on package 39$

From grandma’s kitchen

Traditional meat pie and homemade pickles 24$
Traditional pork hock and meatball stew 25$
Smoked blood pudding, Calvados flambéed apples sauce 26$
Québec platter (blood pudding, meat pie and pork hock and meatball stew) 32$
Add 20 $ and choose an appetizer, a soup, a dessert and a coffee.
Please make the staff aware of any allergy or intolerance that you may have.

Degustation menu
For 2

Hors d’œuvres

Choose 1 appetizers on the menu

Choice of soup or juice


Pick up one choice of main course on the menu

Selection of Quebec’s finest cheeses

Port wine

Choose from our selection of homemade desserts

Coffee, regular or herbal tea


Inspiration Menu
The Chef’s imagination for appetizer

Choice of soup or juice


The Chef’s revelation of the day

Choice of homemade dessert

Coffee, regular or herbal tea

Market price