Tour operator menu

Choose one soup, (one) main course(s) and one dessert (indicate your choice when reserving)

Appetizers selection
Yellow pea soup
Vegetable soup
Chef’s salad

Selection of main course

Menus A:
Traditional meat and potato pie and homemade pickles *
Spaghetti with a Bolognese or vegetarian sauce
Meat or vegetarian lasagne
Ham cooked in maple syrup *
Fillet of cod with a white wine sauce *
Baker’s chicken pie *

Menus B:
Duo of traditional Quebec meat pie, pork hock and meat ball stew *
Cheese and spinach’s stuffed manicoti with tomato sauce
Sliced pork tenderloin with a mushroom sauce *
Salmon fillet with a dill sauce *
Chicken supreme with a lemon and honey sauce *
Pepper steak * (medium)

Desserts selection
Madame Baker’s traditional sugar pie
Pudding chômeur (sweet cake-pudding combo)
Chocolate mousse
* These choices are served with potatoes and seasonal vegetables

Minimum : 15 peoples
Allergies? We will be happy to handle your restrictions carefully