New year’s menu

On December 31 and January 1th

Madgelin Island scallops carpaccio style with black garlic, strawberries, and lime infused olive oil    
Sweetbread and foie gras terrine, marinated mushrooms    
Demi quail two ways: thigh confit and roasted breast. Served with an arugalu salad and sea buckthorn vinaigrette    
Salmon gravlax with beets, and two coloured coulis made with baby sprouts    

Rougemont soup    
Nordic shrimp chowder    

Tarragon granite, anise and lime zest kissed with Ungave gin    

Pan seared salmon and shellfish flambéed with pastis, lobster sauce    
Rabbit cassolette with smoked bacon from Charlevoix    
Braised deer shank with juniper berries and winter vegetables    
Beef filet mignon on mashed potatoes and mushrooms, served with a shallot sauce    

Pear chutney, badiam shortbread cookie, and salted caramel ice cream    

 Coffee, regular or herbal tea